The beauty of music

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Musical instruments are instruments for producing sounds , adapted to perform the music . An essential part of each of them is a vibrator ( string , membrane , air column ) ; physical vibrator affect the tonal vibration actuator ( bow , drum stick , plectrum ) incytatora called for strengthening the sound produced by the energized vibrator is used resonator ( soundboard , soundboard ) , the shape and placement of the vibrator relative influence on the sound.

In 1914, E. Hornbostel and C. Sachs proposed the division of the instruments due to the type used in their construction vibrator on :

- Membranophones , in which the vibrations are taut membrane - membrane (eg, boilers , drums )
- Idiophones , in which the vibrator is solid with their own resilience ( xylophone , harmonium , gong ) ;
- Chordofony , in which the vibrator is taut string (eg, violin , harp, piano)
- Aerofony , where the role of the vibrator fully pole wprawionego the vibration of air ( wind instruments , organ) ; the emergence of new classification structure was supplemented in the later decades of - 5 elektrofony where incytatorem is an electric vibration generator , vibrator and - speaker diaphragm ( synthesizers , electronic organs ) . This classification can be more precise, it takes into account criteria such as the way of stimulating vibrator - scratched , struck, plucked , wind and method of construction such as aerofony tuning , lip mouthpiece . In practice, the division of musical instruments at :

I like doing manicure

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The origin of the word “cosmetic” is not fully explained. The widespread use of the term dates back to the period of ancient Rome, where slaves were called kosmetami dealing with a massage in the spa. The term slave kosmetami probably borrowed from the Greek, where “kosmeo” means beautification. The word “kosmeter” meant in Hellas, a young slave girl, dealing with order and derives from the Greek “kosmeticos” which denoted beautifying. Ancient culture fascinated by the beauty of the human body, and no less cared about it to preserve its beauty as long as possible. Beautifying the human body has become an art, developed it and taught it.

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The term logistics was initially associated with the military. It appeared as one of the elements of the art of fighting (in addition to strategy and tactics) already in the tenth century in the Treaty of war Byzantine Emperor Leo VI Fri The aggregate liner art of war. The contemporary importance of military logistics was initiated in 1838 published a work Outline of martial arts Antoine-Henri Jominiego

opony przemysłowe

The term logistics was initially associated with the military. It appeared as one of the elements of the art of fighting (in addition to strategy and tactics) already in the tenth century in the Treaty of war Byzantine Emperor Leo VI Fri The aggregate liner art of war. The contemporary importance of military logistics was initiated in 1838 published a work Outline of martial arts Antoine-Henri Jominiego

How to paint beautiful eyes

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At the end of the nineteenth century, many painters also directed towards his own psyche, depicting the dark side of the human soul . Thus was born expressionism , emphasizing the artist’s personality and expressive way to transfer it to canvas . Characteristic for this direction are alive , distorted forms , numerous presentation of death and suffering and loneliness creator. One of the major factions Expressionism is Fauvism , which renounces metaphysical problems , but it remains the expressive color image. Impressionism is interested in image form , the method of applying paint to canvas .

It was a return to the techniques of the old masters , led the trend of Paul Cezanne . Vincent van Gogh while he was fascinated by Japanese woodcuts and lack of shade in the images . In those same years, a group of French painters developed Impressionism , whose main idea was to observe the surrounding reality in terms of light and color. Impressionists smashed picture on the spots of light , painted rapid brush strokes , saving their momentary impression - an impression - which suffered in a particular place at a particular state of the atmosphere . This idea is developed puentyliści , painting with the help of a huge amount of tiny spots that are just viewed from a distance form the correct image . For similar search was made surrealism , one of the most important directions of twentieth-century art. Surrealists also concluded that the visible world is not sufficient for the rich possibilities of the artist , and focused on the world things that are not . However, unlike abstractionists were not anything that does not resemble shapes (usually geometric ), but most commonly known to us objects placed in unusual circumstances or with altered properties . The surreal nature is Dadaism - the direction of more intellectual than painting , the essence of which is the introduction to the art of purnonsensu element .

A cover letter is not the second CV

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Most of the letters do not read. Recruiters do not have time for when you need to view more than one application. And yet …

Transformation surrendered application documents Uli , Bialystok University of Technology student . Read what the experts have advised .

Primary selection of candidates is based on the assessment of CV . In the letter the most attention is paid only when it is a small group of people willing to work. This is your chance to convince the managers of the HR .

Show your motivation

Candidates often duplicated in your cover letter information contained in your resume . Meanwhile, it is worth to take into account what is not in your resume. - If you come from Bialystok , and applied for the position in Warsaw , please emphasize that you are able to move you and justify a desire to change their place of residence - Uli advised Bartosz Wieczorek , HR Consultant AG test.

First of all, a letter of motivation , as the name suggests , should express motivation. It is worth it to justify why applying for a given job. If it is in line with our interests and career path , a signal to employers that we will be engaged in their tasks . It is worth to write it directly , for example, “Your job offer is consistent with my career plans , so I would like to start working with you .”

What to choose: plain cigarette or e-cigarette?

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E-cigarettes are many times more secure than ordinary cigarettes. This is a request from of the influence of the electronic cigarette health, conducted by a team from the Department of Chemical Hazards and Genetic Toxicology. The researchers took a closer look at a dozen mostly in Poland, bought e-cigarettes.
The generated aerosol is not sought by the 46 toxic compounds present in the smoke inhaled by the conventional smokers. Detected the presence of only 3 to 7 of these substances. The concentrations are from several to several hundred times smaller than in tobacco smoke. No nitrosamines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, the majority of volatile hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, a poisonous heavy metals.
Exhaled aerosol contains a trace amount of the harmful formaldehyde. - The largest detected amount, however, is about ten times lower than the threshold concentration of formaldehyde causing irritation of the mucous membranes.

In an aerosol cigarette is a nicotine, but , contrary to some reports, it is delivered evenly. In a single stroke the e-cigarette smoker, however, provides 30 -40 percent. less nicotine than smoking a regular cigarette. This may mean that in order to satisfy craving, smoking e-cigarettes have often reach for them.

Fighting mosquito - what an effective way to mosquitoes in the garden?

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Mosquitoes can spoil every evening in the garden. It’s hard to imagine a picnic or outdoor adoption without these life insects. Find out what mosquitoes apply experienced gardeners.

Insect repellent such as Off, Autan or Mugga, sometimes effective, but the packaging a family of four is able to be used within one weekend out of town. So why spend money unnecessarily, since there are many homemade methods to deal with these troublesome insects. Natural ways to mosquitoes still have the advantage that it can successfully be used even if you have small children.
Surely you’ve heard that these insects do not like the smell of garlic. However, it is much more pleasant way to fight mosquitoes by smell. Will be effective or liquid vanilla flavor of cloves. The latter prepared in advance, throwing bottles of alcohol, salicylic 6-9 cloves and putting down at least a day in a dark place. Both measures used externally, you will indeed smelled like cake, but effectively scare mosquitoes. Proven method is also receiving oral vitamin B, but you must do it regularly, and make sure they do not overdose.

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The first time was a world champion in July 1919. He crossed the boxing gloves with Jess Willard. They fought in Ohio, with trzydziestopięciostopniowym heat. The result? Three rounds and the withdrawal of former champion. Willard had broken five ribs and knocked out six teeth.

The fight for the championship has confirmed the opinion of hardness Dempsey, who had crossed boxing gloves with strong, but still less prepared opponents. All unfolded on the stage within a few seconds.

Dempsey was able to fully utilize their physical conditions. He was 185 cm tall and weighed about 85 kg. He was also extremely durable and strong. This allowed him to bring out a lot of extremely strong blows to the body. At high speeds did not give most opponents a chance.